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20,000 notes until May 1, 2014. The day that the death of Senna completes 20 years. I trust you guys to do this tribute


You did it guys, I am so proud over you.

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Only a few days left guys!
Is it only me, or does it feel incredible strange all that is happening right now? First of all, Sebastian Vettel and his girlfriend Hannah Prater just became parents to a little girl. I mean, wow, Vettel, a father? Wasn’t he a rookie like a moment ago? He wasn’t much older than I am now, and now look at him, on top of his career and he’s probably one of the happiest men on earth now. Father, four time world champion and have his highschool-sweetheart (I can’t help but be jealous though, I’ve had a crush on mr Vettel since I was 12) by his side.
Then of course we have the accident of Michael Schumacher that shook our end of 2013. People, from all around the world, came together and showed their support. Some were die hard fans, some were not, some didn’t even watch Formula 1, but they all ‘knew’ him and they all cared for him. I’ve never witnessed such a great community come together for one single sportsman. I’m impressed and proud. What seemed to be the end of an legend, changed and today we don’t know what the future will bring us. Thoughts are of course with the Schumacher family, where a father and a husband, brother and a son is greatly missed and cared for. But Schumi won’t give up, will he? After seven titles?! Don’t think that! Fingers crossed!
Then we have our own Kimi back in Ferrari which for me is so strange because I was so young last time I saw him wearing Ferrari-red. Deja vú, anyone? How will the rivalry between two of Formula One’s best driver handle each other? Will the black horse outrun the red bull? Or will they both be outrunned by silver arrows or rocketred McLarens?
Goodbye to rookies that didn’t make it last year, who tried, but didn’t quite make it to the next season. Hello to new, fresh, adrenaline pumped youngsters. Will we find a future champion in one of them? Or a future troublemaker? New rules, new faces, new cars. Goodbye V8. Hello V6.
Last year a part of our world were shown on the silver screen and wasn’t that exciting? Atleast I was so proud seeing the trailer on TV, that’s my sport, right there! I think some of you also felt that way. Now, let’s hope Rush will get some Oscars, right?
This year it will also mark the 20 years that has passed since the man, the myth, the legend, beloved and hated, feared and admired, Ayrton Senna died. As a tribute this post circles here on tumblr, and the goal is 20,000 notes. I think you all should go and pour some notes on that post. Sennas seemed to be such a great man, and he is greatly missed. I see so much of him in his nephew, Bruno, and I wish him all the luck in whatever he participate in.
It feels, for me atleast, that a new age is on it’s way. And all we know about it, is that it will be a fast one.
Been up almost all night, hoping for good news and trying to get update about the condition. This is horrible. Fingers crossed the state of Michael is anounced better at the pressconference in 10 min. 
since nothing else seems to appear on this blog, here have some random doodles of minecan you guess who they are supposed to be? ignore the handwriting at the side
Happened today, someone wore a Lotus-Kimi-pretty-awesome-cap, and I just wanted to approach him and say: “you’re not alone”
The response on Race of Rookies was good enough for me to start making it. I’ll make it better, but for now, this is how it look. 
Do you have any ideas for symbols for the newcomers?
Yeah, what a race. No matter who you supported, they all were involved in something! Sebastian Vettel adds even more points to his lead (was it the new frontwing that helped him?) and now have 77 points. 10 points after him we find the man, the myth, the legend, Kimi Räikkönen who finnished second today. Lewis Hamilton did a surprisingly better achievment than team mate Nico Rosberg (who had pole), and finnished 5th. Last years “Man of the Year”, Fernando Alonso, got trouble with his DRS (Don’t Rely, Spaniard), but after a massive effort he ended up at 8th place. Jenson Button ended 10th after a few “situations” with team mate Sergio Perez. I wonder if McLaren will have a chat with the young Mexican?
And let’s all join in the collective hug to Paul Di Resta, what a shame not finnishing on the podium, but what an achievment holding world champions behind and earning 12 good points!
NO, I do not believe everything is Vettel’s fault I just mock with the people that do…But sorry just couldn’t find any fun quotes or things to write about this time! But all the champions in the top!

Next stop: BahRain!